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Internships are tremendous opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth at Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network, in conjunction with your college or university. A current contract or affiliation agreement must be on-file with Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network Student Programs approximately two months before the start of the internship for your college or university to be affiliated with Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network. If your college or university does not have a current agreement on file, Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network may facilitate the execution of an agreement. Most internships are unpaid and are for school credit only.

All internship application materials will be accepted using the following schedule each calendar year:

  • Fall Semester: May 15 to July 1
  • Spring Semester: October 1 to November 15
  • Summer Semester: February 15 to April 1

Please note, applications will not be accepted more than one semester in-advance to the requested semester.

Internship requirements:

  • Request for Internship form
  • Resume or curriculum vitae 
  • Contract/affiliation agreement between Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network and your school
  • Completion of all health and safety requirements (please click here for more information)

To apply, please fill out the form below. 

**If you are requesting multiple learning opportunities (such as two learning experiences at two Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network sites), please submit this form for each unique request.


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When I click "submit" below, this form will be delivered electronically to your site's student placement rep. This completed form (forms that are not complete will not be considered), and any documentation highlighting the requirements of the internship must be received per the schedule posted above. If your request is approved, completion of an online student orientation is required prior to your first day of internship. Per the affiliation agreement with partnered programs, certain health and safety requirements must be met before presenting to Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network for the student internship. Proof of requirement completions will be housed at the sponsoring academic program office, but must be available to Student Programs, if and when requested. Please see your school representative for more specific details about these requirements or click here.

By checking here, I acknowledge that the above information is accurate. I also authorize that this completed form any additional relevant information may be shared with Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network staff members for the sole purpose of networking and possibly fulfilling my request for internship.

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