You Can make a Difference -- Lend a Helping Hand at Scottsdale Healthcare

Volunteer Service Areas

For more information please call:

Osborn campus - 480-882-6176

Shea campus - 480-323-3434

Thompson Peak campus - 480-324-7053


Please read below to learn more about our Service Areas. 

Use the following key for the location abbreviations:

O = Osborn

S = Shea

T = Thompson Peak


Opportunities by Location:

O / S – Ambassador – Volunteers greet and escort patients and visitors. 

– Book Cart – Volunteers offer paperback books and magazines to patients, families and visitors. 


Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center – Home of the Arizona Cancer Center, Greater Phoenix Area:

– Reception Center – Volunteers greet and escort patients and visitors to their destinations in the Cancer Center. 

– Tina’s Treasures Boutique – A retail shop at Shea featuring items to meet the needs of cancer patients and their family members. Volunteers help with stocking, sales and scheduling.

– Werner Resource Center – An information center for cancer patients and their family members. Volunteers must have people skills and computer skills.

O / S – Caring Clowns – Bring a special mix of humor and sensitivity to patients and their families.

O / S – Courier / Transporter – Volunteers are dispatched to departments to transport patients by wheelchair or stretcher. You must be able to physically assist with tasks. 

O / S / T – Diplomat – Volunteers, working closely with staff, are in the patient care areas serving as customer care advocates for patients and their families. 


Emergency Services Departments:

O / S – ED Reception Area – Volunteers are greeters and advocates for patients/families in the waiting area. 

O / S / T  ED Treatment Area – Volunteers run errands, make beds, stock supplies and transport patients as directed by nursing management staff. 

O / S  Endoscopy / Clinical Procedures – Volunteers help with patients scheduled for tests. Ability to push wheelchairs and stretchers is required. 

– Generalist – Volunteers help the concierge admit, discharge & escort patients and families. Volunteers are cross-trained to help in all areas. This position is for outstanding customer service experts. 

O / S / T – Gift Shops (Auxiliary) – Volunteers address the shopping needs of customers, including patients and their families. Auxiliary Gift Shop proceeds are used to enhance patient care and services. 

O / S – Information Desk – Volunteers escort visitors, answer questions, handle busy phones, push wheel chairs and deliver flowers. O Infusion Services volunteers run errands and assist patients admitted for same day procedures. 

O / S – Mended Hearts – Volunteers trained and accredited by The Mended Hearts national organization offers a limited visiting service, with physician approval, to heart disease patients and their families. [Ask about qualified participation.] 

– NICU – Volunteers help staff the nursing unit desk, answer phones, admit visitors and perform tasks as directed by the staff. 

– Obstetrics / Family Birthing Center – Volunteers may prepare charts and gift packets, scrub cribs, stack linens and assist with the discharge of patients. 

O / S  Officer of the Day (“OD”) – Volunteers are the telephone liaison with patient care areas – organizing, assigning tasks and dispatching the courier/transporter volunteers. 

O / S – Office Services – Volunteers are welcomed by many Scottsdale Healthcare offices, departments and programs. 

– Pediatrics (Child Life Services) – Under the guidance of the Child Life Specialist, volunteers provide play activities for children in the playroom as well as at the bedside. Their duties also include stocking supplies, cleaning and organizing playroom toys, and running errands. 

– Pre-Op – Volunteers interact with patients, run errands and make beds in this busy area. 

– Radiology – Volunteers greet and escort patients, explain dressing room procedures and offer “TLC” before and after testing. 

– Special Care Unit Reception Desk – Volunteers are a liaison between nursing staff and the families of patients who are in the “SCU.” 


Surgery Centers: 

– Greenbaum Surgical Hospital – Reception – Volunteers interact with families and visitors and maintain the waiting area.

– Greenbaum Surgical Hospital – Pre-Op and Post-Op / Recovery (PACU) – Volunteers assist staff in patient care areas and run errands. The above-stated volunteer opportunities vary at the different surgery center locations listed above.

– Piper Outpatient Surgery Center – Reception – Volunteers interact with families and visitors and maintain the waiting area.

– Piper Outpatient Surgery Center – Pre-Op and Post-Op / Recovery (PACU) – Volunteers assist staff in patient care areas and run errands. The above-stated volunteer opportunities vary at the different surgery center locations listed above. 

O / S / T – Surgery Reception Desk – Volunteers interact with families and visitors in the Surgery Waiting Area and also serve as a liaison for Surgery Recovery Room staff, physicians and families. 

– Surgery Reception Desk Ambassadors – Provide a friendly escort to patient’s family members, taking them to pre-op and to the consultation rooms to meet with the physicians.