Resources for Physicians and Residents at Scottsdale Healthcare

Welcome to the Medical Staff Services at Scottsdale Healthcare 

Our Role

The Medical Staff Office manages the Medical Staff Application for Privileges process, as well as the credentialing of all physicians, dentists, podiatrists and many mid-level practitioners. Our team is dedicated to assist Scottsdale healthcare in its goal to deliver World Class patient care by credentialing all medical staff professionals in compliance with the State of Arizona and other regulatory agencies 

Our Team Includes

Melodye Warner

System Manager of Medical Staff Services 



Deborah Blacklock 



Regina Brewer



Esther Mendiola 



Colleen McKeague 



Bridgette Nevins 



Felicia Windsor 



We have three locations to serve our system conveniently located within each hospital facility

  • Osborn Medical Center 480-882-4707 
  • Shea Medical Center 480-323-3070 
  • Thompson Peak Hospital 480-324-7013 

Other Key Contacts for Our Organization

Continuing Medical Education - Susan Schwartz 480-882-6275 

Graduate Medical Education - Susan Weisman- 480-323-3776 

Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Group - Richard Silver, MD 480-882-5956

Credentialing Verifications Office - Stacey Newman-Adefemi - 480-323-3202 

  • For information about medical staff appointment or to request an application, please contact the Credentialing Department at

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding your experience at Scottsdale Healthcare. It is our pleasure to partner with our community physicians and we look forward to working with you.