We Provide the Best Possible Care for Those Who are Critically Ill or Injured

Getting Ready for the NTP 

A Typical Week at NTP Scottsdale 

Each week Transition Nurses work three to four shifts on a clinical unit. Dedicated nurse preceptors, permanently assigned to these units, provide direct supervision, guidance and structure for robust learning experiences.

Generally, we maintain a ratio of one transition nurse (TN) to one dedicated preceptor. You, the transition nurse, work the duty schedule assigned. The majority of clinical days are 12-hour shifts. You might rotate between day and night shifts, and you will work some weekends. There may be occasional changes to the posted schedule, but you are alerted to them if they occur. 

Every other week we have a scheduled seminar day in which we focus on developing critical thinking skills and continue orienting you to the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS). Seminars are a mix of lecture, discussion, current events, individual and group projects, and clinical scenarios in the simulation center. 

Tools of the Trade 

You will perform patient care so bring any needed personal nursing supplies (stethoscope, hemostats, scissors, drug book, etc.). 

If you do not have one, please consider investing in a laptop computer.