We Provide the Best Possible Care for Those Who are Critically Ill or Injured

Additional Information 

Force Protection 

Scottsdale Healthcare is located in an urban setting. Hospital security personnel patrol the premises and appropriate security measures are deployed. Although these measures are important deterrents and protection, crime can and does occur in and around the Scottsdale Healthcare campus. Students are encouraged to exercise caution and utilize Wingman concepts. 

Follow-on Assignments 

You should have your permanent duty assignment before the start of the NTP, and we will work with your gaining unit to connect you with a sponsor. You are not authorized time away from the NTP to visit your new base. 


We recognize some of you may be in significant relationships; however, do not plan to have family members stay with you or plan to travel outside of the local area while you are in the NTP. 


If you have an automobile, Bring It With You (not mandatory, but highly encouraged). Rental cars are not authorized on your orders. Though the hospital is within walking distance of the hotel, you may want to travel around the city on your days off. Please allow yourself plenty of time to drive here safely. 


The weather here is mild to hot, so you will need to bring appropriate clothing for the time of year. Casual civilian attire is appropriate for the majority of your off duty time. 


Do not bring pets.