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Air Force Nurse Transition Program at Scottsdale Healthcare 

For more than 30 years, the Air Force Nurse Corps has relied on a transitional program to prepare novice nurses for active duty service in the United States Air Force. Our current model, the Nurse Transition Program (NTP), eases the transition of inexperienced active duty nurses from novice to competent practitioners and officers. This is accomplished by providing a strong foundation of nursing skills and officership.

NTP-Scottsdale began in 2009. The 56th Medical Group at Luke Air Force Base provides administrative oversight and personnel services for program participants. Two active duty Air Force nurses manage the program on-site as course supervisors. Prospective students must complete prerequisites for commissioning and military service.

The Scottsdale NTP is ten fast-paced weeks. After a week of in processing and orientation, transition nurses begin clinical experience. Each transition nurse completes two rotations; the first focuses on skills acquisition and progresses into team-leading for the second rotation.

During skills acquisition, nurses solidify nursing skills including IV insertion, central line management, chest tubes, blood administration, assessments, medication administration, wound management and emergency procedures.

During team-leading, nurses gain experience in managing a team of patients on an inpatient nursing unit. Throughout the NTP, course supervisors emphasize the application of nursing knowledge and skills required for success as active duty Air Force Nurse Corps officers.

Contact Information 

Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center

Military Partnership
ATTN: NTP Course Supervisor
7301 E. 4th St. Ste #1
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

NTP Course Supervisors

Maj. Tiffanie Rampley
Office: 480-882-5756

Maj. Darla Mayo
Office: 480-882-5754