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US Air Force Skills Proficiency Training

(Seasoning Training Program and Phase III)

This is a clinical rotation for Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard enlisted medical technicians. Scottsdale Healthcare is able to offer up to 6 weeks of clinical experiences for each medical technician. Scottsdale Healthcare is able to support up to 2 medical technicians for each 6-week clinical rotation.

Clinical rotations are built around participant learning needs. The rotation provides real-world clinical training for enlisted personnel to reinforce knowledge, increase skills and abilities learned during Phase I and Phase II training.

The member is assigned to a civilian RN supervisor who ensures that appropriate experiences and supervision are provided to help the member achieve the required proficiencies.

Scottsdale Healthcare orientation is a prerequisite. Course requirements are the same as RSSTP. In order to fully participate in clinical experiences, a rental vehicle is required.

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FY 2015 Seasoning Training Program / Phase III schedule:

Oct 13-Nov 21, 2014

Oct 27-Dec 05, 2014

Nov 10-Dec 19, 2014

Jan 05-Feb 13, 2015

Feb 02-Mar 13, 2015

Mar 02-Apr 10, 2015

Mar 30-May 08, 2015

Apr 27-Jun 05, 2015

May 18-Jun 26, 2015

Jun 01-Jul 10, 2015

Jun 29-Aug 07, 2015

Jul 06-Aug 14, 2015

Jul 27-Sep 04, 2015

Aug 10-Sep 18, 2015

For additional information, please contact:

Lenore Portante

Military Partnership Office Supervisor 

Tel: 480-882-6577