We Provide the Best Possible Care for Those Who are Critically Ill or Injured

RSSTP Course Requirements and Logistics Checklist Prerequisites 

Each military medical unit needs to be under a Training Affiliation Agreement with Scottsdale Healthcare. For more information, please click on the "Current TAA" link on the left.

To schedule for the best outcomes, please provide us with the following information not later than two weeks before your start date: 

  • Unit Name
  • Military service/component 
  • Unit Address 
  • Commander/Approving authority name and rank 
  • Unit coordinator point of contact information including name, rank and phone number during normal duty hours (M-F 0730-1630) 
  • Total number of participants including: 
  • Name, Rank, AFSC/MOS 
  • Experience level (both educational and hands on experiences) 
  • Military background / job experiences 
  • Training preferences 
  • Civilian education level for each attendee (as appropriate) 
  • Current competency/critical skills check lists for each medical specialty 

Licensure Documentation 

Confirmation of current licenses/certificates for all attendees (as appropriate)

  • Current CPR card for all participants 
  • Current EMT certificate (as appropriate) 
  • Current RN license (as appropriate) 
  • Licenses/certifications for non-medics (i.e. lab tech, respiratory tech, OR tech) 

Required vaccinations/shot record documentation(All Participants) 

  • Hep B—3 shot series or positive titer
  • MMR—2 shots or positive titer 
  • Varicella—1 shot or positive titer 
  • TB test-See explanation of criteria below. 
  • If you have been tested annually and can provide evidence of negative TB testing within a year of training date, no TB test is required. 
  • If you do not have evidence of a negative TB test within a year of training date, a TB test is required.
  • If there is history of a positive reaction to a TB test, no TB test is required. The individual must have documentation of initial negative chest x-ray and must not have current signs and symptoms of disease as documented by SHC TB Questionnaire. 

Uniforms/Scrubs/Name Tags/Pin On Rank Insignia 

  • ACUs/ABUs with boots is the duty uniform on orientation day, trauma lectures and ride-alongs. NO BLUES!
  • Scrubs are the duty uniform for clinical rotations. Scottsdale Healthcare will supply each person with two (2) sets of scrubs to use while assigned at SHC 
  • Bring comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes may be worn with scrubs 
  • Wear military (pin on) name tag and rank insignia on your SHC scrubs 
  • Wear your SHC badge at all times while working in the clinical departments and during ambulance ride along. 
  • Optional Medical Items 
  • EMS response pouch (trauma scissors, penlight, etc.) 
  • Stethoscopes—Scottsdale Healthcare does not provide stethoscopes. You are encouraged to bring your own. 


  • Participants from outside the local area may fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Commercial ground transportation is available for travel between the airport and the hotels around Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn. 
  • Shuttle service is probably the most efficient means of getting from the airport to your hotel. Super Shuttle is located in the baggage claim area at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. 
  • At least one rental car or van for each 4 personnel is highly recommended.
  • Shea Medical Center is approximately 10 miles north of Osborn. An intercampus shuttle is available for transportation. 
  • Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) is approximately 10 miles west of Osborn Medical Center in down town Phoenix.
  • Pre-hospital ride along with Phoenix Fire Department--you may be scheduled to work at one (1) of more than 20 Phoenix Fire Stations across the Phoenix metro area.Driving distances are between 5-15 miles from the Osborn Medical Center campus.
  • Please use the designated parking areas on the Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Campus  

Lodging Options 

  • We recommend staying at one of the following Marriott hotels 
  • Residence Inn, 6040 N Scottsdale Rd approximately 2 miles north of Scottsdale Osborn 
  • Marriott Courtyard, 3311 N Scottsdale Rd, approximately ¼ mile—well within walking distance 
  • Please contact Natalie Rene, our Marriott account representative, for the best deals.  
  • Other hotels are available in the area  


  • Participants will be provided Scottsdale Healthcare identification badges. 
  • SHC badges must be worn at all times while participating in activities on the hospital campus. 
  • Bring along your military identification card. 

Military Bearing 

  • During your rotation at Scottsdale Healthcare, remember you are a member of the US Armed Services and subject to regulations regarding appearance, fraternization and behavior. 
  • We have occasional visitors from the Pentagon, Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Headquarters and the National Guard Bureau as well as distinguished civilian visitors. Address fellow team members and faculty by proper military and civilian titles. 
  • Exercise good judgment when choosing off duty activities. 


  • Meals are available at the Scottsdale Healthcare cafeterias as well as other nearby area restaurants. 
  • Your Scottsdale Healthcare Military Partnership badge will get you a 10% discount at the hospital cafeteria when presented to the cashier. 

Force Protection 

  • Scottsdale Healthcare is located in an urban setting. Hospital security personnel patrol the premises and appropriate security measures are deployed. Although these measures are important deterrents and protection, crime can and does occur in and around the Scottsdale Healthcare campus. Military personnel are encouraged to exercise caution. 


  • Emergent injuries or illnesses will be seen at the Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn or the closest appropriate emergency room. 
  • For personal or family emergencies, the program participant’s unit should initiate and process emergency leave requests. Our staff will assist in procuring emergency travel. Immediately notify the Scottsdale Healthcare administrative staff of any medical, personal or family emergency.