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Readiness Skill Sustainment Training Program (RSSTP) 

Readiness Skills Sustainment Program. This two-week course is designed for military medical personnel to meet Readiness Skills Verification requirements. It includes one day of orientation, two days of trauma lectures and up to six days of clinical experiences (including a weekend shift). Participants attend approximately 12 one-hour trauma lectures and complete approximately 40 hours of clinical duties. 

Clinical rotations are customized, hands-on experiences that enable military personnel to practice needed skills, particularly in preparation for deployment. The program is a partnership with Maricopa Integrated Health System. Courses are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We are able to accommodate up to 10 nurses and medics, and several ancillary medical specialties. Each trauma lecture participant (nurses and enlisted medics) receives one Continuing Education credit for each lecture attended.  

In addition to medics/medical techs and registered nurses, we offer training opportunities for the following ancillary enlisted medical specialties. We can accommodate each these specialties. 

- 2 each Dietary 

- 2 each Radiology 

- 2 each Surgical 

- 1 each Pharmacy 

- 1 each Physical Therapy 

- 1 each Respiratory Therapy 

We are able to accommodate a dentist and dental tech team through our community outreach program. Please call for more information. 

While at Scottsdale Healthcare, participants have the opportunity to work in these areas: 

Osborn Medical Center 

- Level I Trauma Center 

- Trauma ICU 

- Osborn ED 

Shea Medical Center (approximately 10 miles north of Osborn) 

- Shea Pediatric ED 

- Shea CV-ICU 

Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS) (approx 10 miles west of Osborn Medical Center in downtown Phoenix) 

- Arizona Burn Center 


Pre-hospital ride along with Phoenix Fire Department


The FY 2014 RSSTP schedule:

Nov 11-22, 2013

Dec 09-20, 2013

Jan 13-24, 2014

Feb 10-21, 2014

Feb 17-28, 2014

Mar 10-21, 2014

Apr 07-18, 2014

Apr 14-25, 2014

May 05-16, 2014

Jun 02-13, 2014

Jun 09-20, 2014

Jul 14-25, 2014

Aug 11-22, 2014

Aug 18-29, 2014

Sep 08-19, 2014

For additional information on any of the mentioned programs, please contact:

Lenore Portante 

Military Partnership Office Supervisor 

Tel: 480-882-6577


R. Vance Nesbitt 

Medical Simulation Technician 

Tel: 480-882-5784