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What is a Simulation Lab?

Traditionally, medical institutions have relied on training with real patients in actual clinical settings. While hands-on experiential learning is indispensable, medical educators are increasingly concerned with and committed to patient safety. To this end, Scottsdale Healthcare and The U.S. Air Force have partnered to create mutually beneficial training programs. The Medical Simulation Lab is one example of this partnership. Our purpose is to provide medical personnel with a comprehensive  technology based environment. Currently we have hi-fidelity and low-fidelity interactive simulators to deliver scenario-based learning opportunities for  Military, and EMS, FIRE and Scottsdale Healthcare medical personnel.


Military Simulation Lab Staff

R. Vance Nesbitt  

Medical Simulation Technician

Vance is a prior service U.S. Navy Corpsman with over 20 years of emergency and cardiovascular medical experience as well as over 8 years as an educator.

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