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Our Residents

Meet Our Current Residents:

3rd Year Residents - Class of 2015

2nd Year Residents - Class of 2016

1st Year Residents - Class of 2017


In the Words of New Residents:

"The Scottsdale Healthcare Residency Program teaches real-world family medicine and encourages confidence and independence." 

"I chose Scottsdale Healthcare because of the wonderful teaching environment of an unopposed community program with an academic atmosphere." 

"I have a strong interest in rural and wilderness medicine. Scottsdale Healthcare provides the tools needed to practice anywhere." 

"The nursing and ancillary staff are extraordinary. This is the most pleasant working environment of my clinical training thus far." 

"The senior residents offer a fine balance of support and clinical education." 

"I love the people here!" 

"We are working hard but having fun doing it!" 

"I chose this program for the high patient volume and hands on clinical experience. So far, the words ‘be careful what you wish for’ hold true, but I wouldn’t change that for anything." 

"Warm residents, warm faculty, hot location."