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Continuing Medical Education

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The Continuing Medical Education (CME) department, accredited by the Arizona Medical Association, provides high-quality educational activities for the medical staff. The department’s goal is to increase physician knowledge/competence, improve performance and enhance patient outcomes within the hospitals and the physician’s practice, leading to favorable outcomes in patient care.

CME encourages physician participation and collegiality within the medical staff through hospital-sponsored and departmental organized activities that are designed to promote unity of effort and meet hospital and physician goals. These activities incorporate the system’s quality improvement area to develop global needs to enhance the competence of medical staff and showcase changes in outcomes.

The expected outcomes of the CME department are to:
• Maintain high-quality patient care by enhancing knowledge/competency through continuing education of current and updated medical information
• Provide cutting-edge education on quality diagnostics and therapeutics along with new technology
• Enhance the knowledge and effectiveness of the medical staff in applying strategies in their medical practice and within the hospital system, with the intent of changing their behavior related to their newly acquired knowledge and competencies
• Maintain ongoing improvement through physician feedback and evaluation of the CME program
• Identify practice gap areas in patient care, clinical practices and adherence to safety guidelines system-wide through quality measurements and Balanced Scorecard initiatives. The goal is to improve patient outcomes to reflect positive changes made or address new approaches to reach positive outcome goals, as directed by the CME Committee.

The CME Committee consists of members from a variety of disciplines and departments who oversee the process of providing CME accreditation. This is done by upholding and following the CME regulations set forth to maintain accreditation and working throughout the Scottsdale Healthcare system to identify the needs of the medical staff in working to support and advance educational opportunities on a system-wide basis.

Scottsdale Healthcare Regulations for CME Accreditation serves as a step-by-step guideline for departments and staff to follow in order to provide CME accredited activities. By following the guidelines, Scottsdale Healthcare can provide CME credit to physicians, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners for educational opportunities within the hospital.

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