Resources for Physicians and Residents at Scottsdale Healthcare

Resources for Physicians and Residents at Scottsdale Healthcare

It is a bright new day at Scottsdale Healthcare. As a new resident, fellow or physician interested in working at Scottsdale Healthcare, we are eager to share information with you about our Physician - Hospital Compact. This document clearly defines the spirit of professionalism amongst physicians and hospital members within our organization. 

The Physician - Hospital Compact is a written agreement (covenant) that clearly defines the commitment the medical staff and administration have to one another to create a defined culture for improving patient care and achieving a shared vision. 

The time is now to move our culture at Scottsdale Healthcare to one of improved trust and collegial partnerships for the best interest of all. 

“Why is it important?" The way physicians and hospital leadership worked together 20 years ago will not sustain us in the future. The more trust and collegiality that exists between physicians and hospital administration the more successful we will be managing present and future challenges. 

We appreciate your interest in working at Scottsdale Healthcare. We look forward to partnering with you.