Employee Benefits for a Better Life

Work and Time Off Benefits

Commuter Connection

Because we care about our staff, their health and our community, Scottsdale Healthcare provides valuable assistance for commuters. Free bus passes, van pools and secure bicycle lockers are just a few of the advantages offered. In addition, users of alternative transportation are guaranteed a ride home if they need to leave work for an urgent reason. Discover more perks at the Commuter Connection website.

Employee Assistance Program

The licensed counselors of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) are available to help staff members and their families deal with life's rough spots whether they occur on or off the job. There is no cost to use the EAP, and it may be used as often as necessary until the issue is resolved. Contact EAP at 480-882-4599.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

All regular and seasonal, full- and part-time staff members (exclusive of Temporary, Per Diem and SSP) are eligible to earn PTO based on length of service and regular hours paid. Each pay period, all eligible staff members will accrue PTO hours. This accrued time may be used for holidays, vacation, personal business, short-term personal illness and family needs. Accrued PTO hours may be utilized as the staff member elects, subject to departmental staffing requirements and supervisory approval. Please refer to Paid Time Off Policy on the intranet.

PTO Donations

The purpose of the PTO Donation program is to allow staff members to voluntarily transfer accrued PTO hours to another staff member who, because of a medical and /or other personal or family emergency, has 20 or less hours of PTO.

Service Awards

Each quarter staff members are recognized for having completed appropriate years of service. A luncheon and service awards are given to honor those reaching “milestones” in their work lives.  Contact Special Projects at 480-323-4552 for more information.

Tuition Assistance

One of the most powerful benefits used by our staff members is the tuition assistance and tuition prepayment benefit. Take your career to the next level through education paid for by Scottsdale Healthcare. Tuition assistance is available to eligible staff members up to $5,250 per year. Pre-paid tuition is available to staff enrolled in a healthcare career track. For further information, consult the Training and Development Department at 480-323-4570.

Continuing Education

We encourage all staff members to continue learning and developing professionally. Many programs are coordinated through the Training and Development Department and are related to patient care, skill improvement, safety, management development and career planning. Additional information is available on the employee intranet.

Scottsdale Healthcare University

Our on-site university provides education through partnerships with eight colleges and universities.  Scottsdale Healthcare gives staff members a fully integrated and extremely flexible approach to continuing education and professional development.