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403(b) Retirement and Savings Benefits

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403(b) Retirement Plan

The earlier you start saving, the larger your nest egg will be when you are ready to retire. Putting a little away with each paycheck-with pre-tax dollars-helps you reach your retirement goals without feeling the pinch on your budget.

Prudential Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm in the Osborn cafeteria (odd-numbered days of the month) and Shea cafeteria (even-numbered days of the month), and Tuesdays, 11am-2pm, at Thompson Peak.  You can also call either Representative at 480-659-3850 for advice.

Quick Join – a mobile ready website, provides individuals with an amazingly smooth and simple experience for joining their employer’s defined contribution retirement plan using GoalMaker®, an easy-to-use asset allocation solution, available to individuals at no additional charge. Click here to enroll.

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403(b) Savings Challenge – We challenge you to make the most of your retirement plan!

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529 College Savings Plan

This is a tax-saving way to help you save for your family's college education expenses.  Earnings on this plan are non-taxable at distribution time, provided the money is used for tuition.  To enroll in this plan please contact Jess or Shawn at 480-659-3850. To make a deduction change to your open account please print this 529 Change Form and fax it to 480-882-5804..