A Resource Guide for Patients & Visitors

About This Report 

Performance Measure Selection 

These measures were selected because they evaluate important aspects of care at the patient level. In addition, there is comparison data available for each of them. This allows you to compare the care provided by Scottsdale Healthcare hospitals with that of other hospitals. 

Using the Report 

  1. Look through the performance measures included in this report and decide which ones are most relevant to you. 
  2. Review the table and graph that shows the performance measures. 
  3. Compare performance of Scottsdale Healthcare hospitals with the national or Arizona average. 
  4. Use the simple color-coding system to compare Scottsdale Healthcare hospital performance with the national average. 

Color-coded Performance 

Results colored as red are below the national average, green are above the national average, and yellow are the same as the national average. 

  Means that Scottsdale Healthcare performance is above the National Average
  Means that Scottsdale Healthcare performance is the same as the National Average
  Means that Scottsdale Healthcare performance is below the National Average


How do we know that the numbers are accurate? 

Scottsdale Healthcare uses only experienced Registered Nurses to review cases and collect data on quality measures. In addition, we perform several checks to make our quality report as accurate as possible. An independent check of our data validity is provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS considers a passing grade to be anything over 80%. Typically Scottsdale Healthcare's accuracy is in the high 90's. Quality Report Card To see Scottsdale Healthcare's performance, click on the Quality Report Card link to the right. Clicking on an individual performance measure in the Report Card will drill down to more detailed information. You will also be able to read about how Scottsdale Healthcare works to ensure that patients consistently receive the best care. Selecting a Hospital Reviewing performance on these measures may be helpful in comparing hospitals. Keep in mind that these quality measures are only one source of information about the hospital. Other factors to consider are an individual's health plan coverage, place of residence, location of the patient's physician, and recommendations from family and friends. In addition, it is always helpful to talk to your healthcare provider about what this information means and how it can be used to make decisions Hospitals are different. They may have different: Levels of Experience Types of Services Types of patients Numbers of patients or procedures Specialty expertise All of those are important factors in the selection of a hospital.