Our Specialists Have Advanced Experience in Treating Non-Healing or Chronic Wounds

Wound Treatments at Scottsdale Healthcare

Doppler Evaluation

This test determines blood flow available to transport medications and nutrients to the wound area. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric treatment has the patient breathing 100% oxygen at increased atmospheric pressures, which increases the oxygen levels in body tissue to aid in healing and fighting infection. Read more.


Patients with wounds and lymphedema complications will be seen, treated and refered to our lymphedema treatment center. 

Nutrition Counseling

A registered dietitian is available to assist patients in developing meal planning to facilitate wound healing. 

Transcutaneous Oxygen Monitoring

A test to determine the level of oxygenation available to the wound to promote healing. 

Vascular and Plastic Surgery

The program offers access to skilled physicians and today’s advanced technology. Patients are taught how to care for their wounds at home. 

Wound Debridement

A minor procedure to promote growth of healthy tissues in the wound area. 

Wound Dressings

Proper wound dressing and wound care products help provide the correct environment for healing to occur.