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Barbara Hancock

Barbara HancockAt 70-years-old, nothing is slowing Barbara Hancock down. She is a very active wife, mother, grandmother, artist, herb gardener and a retired Scottsdale school teacher. When invited to tell her story, she hesitated because she currently has no life-threatening symptoms, no catastrophic emergency procedures, nor serious health issues. She thought her story would be of no interest. But, quite the contrary. It is one of prevention, wellness and smiles.

Barbara Hancock’s overall health is fine despite a strong family history of heart disease and mitral valve prolapse both of which she keeps in check. But when she reached her mid to late sixties, she began to notice changes, “I was waking up stiff and also after sitting for long periods of time,” said Barbara. “Next I noticed my hamstrings tightening up making it difficult to bend over and retrieve items from the floor. It was a wakeup call that more than ever I needed to start paying close attention to my health. Over time I made the following life changes.

  • Eat a healthy diet. For the first time in years Barbara now has a normal BMI and waist size under the recommended 35 inches.
  • Focus on programs touting the benefits of exercise to both our minds and bodies.
  • Do yoga at home. The first thing Barbara does when she gets out of bed in the morning is stretch.
  • Hit the gym three to four times a week along with Zumba is a cardiovascular workout must for Barbara.
  • Get screened. I feel it’s imperative that I be a highly active participant in my own health care. Prevention is important to me. In order to know what’s going on, I have to keep current on my numbers: LDL, triglycerides, BMI, blood sugar, blood pressure, and bone density.

Thank you, Scottsdale Healthcare, for offering me an easy, pleasant way to stay on top of my health,” smiled Barbara.”

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