Sleepless in Scottsdale? We Can Diagnose and Treat Your Sleep Disorder

Your Sleep Study Experience

On the day of your sleep study, avoid caffeine – coffee, tea, colas, chocolate – after 2 p.m. and try not to nap. Pack an overnight bag as you would for a stay at a hotel or at a friend’s house. You may wish to bring your own pillow. If you have special needs, please let us know prior to your scheduled appointment. If you have prescribed medications that you take at bedtime, bring them with you. 

When you arrive for your appointment, you will first need to register at the admitting desk. Please do not forget to bring your insurance card. After you have registered, a sleep technician will escort you to the sleep clinic and show you to your room. 

After you have settled in, you will be asked to complete a pre-sleep questionnaire and prepare for bed. The sleep technician will then apply the sensors required to record your sleep. 

Starting at the top of your head: 

  • Seven electrodes will be pasted to your scalp and behind your ears to record brain activity (sleep). 
  • An electrode is taped beside each eye to record eye movement. 
  • Two electrodes are taped to your chin to record muscle activity. 
  • A small microphone is taped to the base of your neck to detect snoring. 
  • Two electrodes are taped to your chest to record an EKG. 
  • A sensor is place beneath the nose to record airflow.
  • An elastic band is placed around your chest and another is placed around your abdomen to record the effort of breathing. 
  • An electrode is taped to each leg to record movement. 
  • A sensor is taped to your index finger to record the oxygen saturation of your blood. 

After all of the sensors have been applied, relax in your room. You can read, watch TV or perhaps work on project from your job. When you begin to feel sleepy, let the sleep technician know and you will be tucked in and the lights will be turned off. We would like you to ready for sleep no later than 11 p.m. 

In the morning, the study will end, and all sensors will be removed by the sleep technician. You may then shower and get dressed. You will be asked to complete a post-sleep questionnaire before you leave. 

For more information or to make an appointment for a sleep study please call 480-323-3200.