Accelerating Breakthrough Research to Benefit Patients Through a Culture of Innovation

Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute (SHRI)


The Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute is where world-class care and groundbreaking research meet to benefit our patients.

Here, leading researchers, physicians and clinical teams work together to develop new therapies, as well as provide innovative care and treatments close to home. Focused on improving patients’ health and quality of life, they provide hope today and advancements for tomorrow.

The research underway at Scottsdale Healthcare has not gone unnoticed. Investigators working through the Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute have been published in leading medical journals, selected to test new technology and earned distinguished awards.

Characteristics that make Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute unique.

We focus on translating medical innovations into solutions.

Through the Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute, patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical trial research so advances can be made to understand the causes and best clinical treatments for many diseases and disorders. Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute’s research teams are committed to accelerating breakthrough therapies for treating devastating and debilitating disorders. These conditions often have had no solutions, leaving patients and their families without answers and too often without hope.

We are distinguished in the area of ‘precision medicine’.

By working closely with our research partner, the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute has developed a precision medicine approach.

This approach can provide patients with personalized therapeutic options and guide the research clinician in providing proper drug treatments, determining if a medical device or a surgical procedure is the best option, or investigating a treatment solution to an unknown disease or disorder. With scientific advances in understanding the human genetic make-up and the body’s relationship with disease, our researchers are able to pinpoint how diseases interact in our bodies and what drugs and therapies can slow down or stop the progression of certain diseases.

For example, we discovered how to create a molecular profile of a cancer patient’s tumor. This enables the tumor’s “vulnerabilities” to be identified, such as the biological pathways that allow the tumor to grow. Treatments specifically targeted toward those vulnerabilities can then be developed.

We are believers in collaboration and education.

Having established partnerships with Harvard, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Salk Institute, TGen, University of Arizona, Arizona State University as well as with many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute is “an institute without walls.” We strive to remain nimble so we can move quickly to provide the most advanced therapeutic options for our patients.

While working on new treatments today, the Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute is also ensuring that vital research continues tomorrow. Thanks to a unique drug development scholar program, Scottsdale Healthcare physicians can receive training in clinical research. Numerous clinical trials are always underway at Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute in areas such as oncology, cardiovascular, bariatrics, trauma and orthopedics/neurology.

Participate in a Clinical Trial

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Physician Involvement

Physicians who are interested in research and collaborating with Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute should contact Mark Slater, PhD, Vice President of Research, at or 480-323-1242.