Caring for Your Children is Our Top Priority

Pediatric Emergency Services
at Scottsdale Healthcare

Pediatric Emergency ServicesAt Scottsdale Healthcare, we take on your biggest worry - childhood medical emergencies. 

A dedicated Pediatric ER is located at the Emergency entrance of the Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center. 

The Pediatric ER is designed just for kids and staffed by board certified emergency physicians and cheerful nurses trained in pediatric care. 

For your convenience our ER wait times are updated on our website every ten minutes or from your handheld device go to

Pediatric ER means care closer to home

Scottsdale Healthcare's Pediatric Emergency Department is located at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, just east of the Loop 101 at Shea Blvd.and 90th St.

Entrance is through the hospital's main ER check-in. A new, separate waiting room and registration area for children and families are under construction and will open later this fall.

The Pediatric ER provides families with a friendly environment and a highly trained pediatric healthcare team.

Families can now stay in their own community and surroundings when children need emergency care or hospitalization during critical times in their lives.

What makes this ER different?

This is the only dedicated Pediatric ER in the Northeast Valley. 

It is in a separate area away from adult patients and has walls between patient exam areas for added privacy.

The 10-bed unit is designed with the pediatric patient in mind: bed sizes range from youth stretcher, adult size for bigger kids, to cribs for babies and toddlers.

Scottsdale Healthcare's Pediatric ER has a full complement of pediatric specialists available with 24-hour coverage for pediatric surgery and orthopedic needs.

All staff are trained on how to communicate and interact with families and children, taking into account their age and development.

The environment is designed to be child friendly and non-threatening so that both children and parents can feel comfortable. Distractions such as coloring books, toys, video games and books to read are readily available to all patients.

Child Life Specialists support the children and families during their visit by providing an environment that is non-threatening and calming to children and informative and assuring to their parents.

All patients receive care from team members who specialize in caring for children and take pride in providing excellent personalized healthcare.

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