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Care worthy of jumping for joy

Chaska Coggeshall

Chaska CoggeshallChaska Coggeshall is in three dance classes: ballet, hip-hop and jazz.

But what’s really amazing about the seven-year-old is that she’s dancing—a lot—just three months after breaking her ankle in four places.

Chaska’s ankle, which was injured while jumping on a trampoline, was expertly repaired at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center by pediatric orthopedic specialist Greg Hrasky, MD.

During an intricate surgery, Dr. Hrasky put two screws in Chaska’s ankle to enable the biggest breaks to heal. He used the natural lining of the bone to pull the other breaks together.

“When you have a child in pain, it makes it easier to know you have the top specialist and you can tell he really cares about kids,” says Tiffany Coggeshall, Chaska’s mom, who recalls that Dr. Hrasky made sure her daughter didn’t receive a medication that previously had caused nightmares.

During her recovery, Chaska spent three weeks in a wheelchair. She then learned to use a walker, thanks to physical therapists at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center who are specially trained to work with children.

Next came six weeks in a special boot, followed by several weeks of using a special splint in her shoe. Along the way, there were swimming lessons and special exercises to help Chaska gain mobility in her ankle and strength in her muscles.

“Everyone involved with her care was so friendly, sincere and sweet,” says Tiffany.

As just a few examples, she mentioned Scottsdale Healthcare caregivers who brought her daughter stuffed animals, reassured her, and explained things in a simple, non-frightening way—and even the convenience of valet parking at the hospital.

“I didn’t feel that we were just a box to be check marked or a patient on a docket,” says Tiffany gratefully.

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