Providing a Comprehensive, Personalized Approach to Your Rehabilitation

Neurological Therapy Program
at Scottsdale Healthcare

As medicine has become more specialized, so has therapy services. Scottsdale Healthcare offers a comprehensive team approach designed specifically for individuals who have experienced a neurological impairment. 

This highly skilled multidisciplinary team is dedicated to and specializes in restoring lost function caused by neurological and balance disabilities. 

After a thorough initial evaluation, the team designs an individualized therapy program tailored to assist the patient in attaining their functional mobility, communication and self-care goals. 

These structured programs are designed to meet the patient’s individualized needs, and encompass the latest evidence-based motor learning techniques, as well as traditional methods of treatment. Therapists and patients work together as a team to enhance their ability to participate in instrumental community and home-based activities. 

Program Details 

Therapy sessions are scheduled for one hour for each discipline. All patients who are receiving more than one discipline of therapy are conferenced by the interdisciplinary team to coordinate goals, treatment strategies and promote the highest level of success. 

We provide patient/family conferences as needed to address concerns update progress. 

We coordinate within our facility with other experts to address adjunct concerns such as traumatic injuries, balance/vestibular issues and aquatics. 

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