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Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder pain is a common reason for a visit to a physician’s office. The majority of shoulder conditions do not require surgery and are treated with physical therapy and injections; however there are some instances where reconstructive surgery is necessary. In these situations, shoulder replacement is needed. Although it is less common than knee or hip replacement, shoulder joint replacement is just as successful in relieving shoulder joint pain.

Select surgeons at Scottsdale Healthcare perform a special type of shoulder replacement referred to as a reverse total shoulder replacement. Most often this procedure is performed on patients who suffer from severe rotator cuff tears, arthritis in the shoulder and serious fractures in which the bone is too severely damaged to repair.

Reverse shoulder replacement has had long term success dating back to the early 1980’s, and it allows many patients who have had shoulder pain or difficulty lifting their arms to regain their range of motion following surgery. The incision is small and most patients can be discharged the following day.

If shoulder pain, weakness, or stiffness is affecting your life, turn to the dedicated team of orthopedic surgeons at Scottsdale Healthcare who specialize in reconstructive surgery of the shoulder.

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