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John Iorillo

John IorilloJohn and Heather enjoy their active lifestyle, exercising daily and riding up to 75 miles a week. When chronic knee pain slowed John to a stop, he turned to the orthopedic experts at Scottsdale Healthcare.

When John was seventeen years old, he injured his knee playing football in high school, which unfortunately led him down a road full of knee complications and multiple surgeries.

It was no surprise to John when his knee began deteriorating at a young age. Around the age of 45, his knee pain got to the point where he had to begin modifying the activities he enjoyed so much. He gave up hiking and yoga, and started to have some pain while riding his bike. “My wife Heather and I love riding and I just couldn’t get myself to stop that completely,” John said. “But I definitely had to either cut back the amount I was riding per week or continue to deal with the increased pain, which I wasn’t happy about.”

One of the reasons John was still able to ride at all was because he was taking osteoarthritis medication for the pain. “It helped for awhile, but it was basically just masking the problem,” he added. “I knew I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life, so I began looking for another solution.”

John eventually found Scottsdale Healthcare orthopedic surgeon Joseph Longo, MD, who recommended a total knee replacement. John underwent a successful surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare and in as little as two weeks he began to slowly get back into the activities he had been missing out on for so long. “I started slow on the stationary bike and within about three weeks I was working back up to riding on a bike trainer with some intensity,” John said. “I began yoga and strength training, and eventually was able to hike again too!”

In fact, only eleven months after the surgery, John and Heather entered into one of Colorado’s premier cycling events, Ride the Rockies, and completed over 400 miles along the weeklong tour through the Rocky Mountains. This was accomplished with very little pain and with greater intensity than the prior year’s event.

John says he couldn’t be happier with his experience with Dr. Longo and the caring staff at Scottsdale Healthcare, and his only regret is that he didn’t have his knee replaced sooner. “I am considered to be a ‘younger than average’ candidate for a joint replacement, but I would tell anyone not to let that dissuade you from having a procedure that is going to improve your quality of life forever,” he added. “There is no reason to prolong your pain and suffering longer because you think you’re too young for a joint replacement. I didn’t, and it’s the only reason that I am able to do the active things I enjoy today!”

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