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Betsy King

Betsy KingLPGA Hall of Fame legend Betsy King is no stranger to working hard to get what you want. It took her almost seven seasons to win on the LPGA Tour, but once she did, her breakthrough led to one of the most phenomenal careers in women's golf history.

In an 11-year span from the 1984 Women's Kemper Open through the 1995 ShopRite LPGA Classic, Betsy won 30 times, including five major championships - more wins than any other golfer in the world, male or female, during that time period. With her 30th win in 1995, she gained entry as the 14th member into the LPGA Hall of Fame.

By the end of her professional career in 2001, she had been named Player of the Year three times, captured six major championship titles and claimed 34 LPGA Tour victories in all.

Off the course, Betsy is just as tireless. She has participated in numerous charitable causes over the years, including organizing a two-week auction on eBay in 2004 to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and the Women’s Professional Golf Fellowship, and traveling to Honduras in 2005 with World Vision to help build safe homes for children and visit local churches.

In 2007 Betsy turned her charitable efforts toward Africa. Following a 2006 trip to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and experiencing the terrible plight of AIDS and its devastating effects on the children of Africa, she came home with a burning passion to make a difference in these children’s lives. In response, she founded Golf Fore Africa, using her background in golf and the support of the LPGA to bring restoration and hope to Rwanda, Lesotho and other regions of Africa.

Between her golfing career and her charitable efforts, Betsy certainly didn’t have time for knee pain. After injuring her right knee in college, Betsy suffered from knee pain on and off. When the pain elevated to the point where it bothered her while playing golf, she had knee surgery to repair five tears in her knee cartilage. She also had a complete tear in her ACL at the time of this surgery, but did not have her ACL replaced. The surgery allowed her to play golf, but she was limited in other activities because of the torn ACL, so in 2011 she decided to undergo ACL replacement surgery with Scottsdale Healthcare orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Zeman.

Now, Betsy is able to do the two things she loves the most, pain free. She’s back on the course and able to continue to travel to Africa for her charity work, thanks to the world-class patient care she received at Scottsdale Healthcare.

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