Get Back in the Game

Get Back in Step

Diana ConveyLorraine Polinsky Clark and her husband, Steve, moved to Sun City Grand from Chicago three years ago to spend their early retirement years living an active lifestyle. As competitive level ballroom dancers with professional training in Chicago from a world champion, they were drawn to the Valley’s popular ballroom community... Read More

Get Back to Nature

Diana Convey

Diana ConveyWhen Diana Convey’s doctor told her there was “nothing that could be done” to repair the damaged meniscus in her right knee, and that her only option for preventing her knee pain from getting any worse was to stop running altogether, her response was... Read More


Get Back in the Saddle

Mario Gomez

Mario GomezWhen avid horseman Mario Gomez decided it was time to do something about the painful osteoarthritis he was suffering in his hips, he searched for an option that would get him back to his ranch and back on his horses in as little time as possible. His hips had deteriorated to the point that he was bone on bone,... Read More



Get Back in the Groove

Tom Candiotti

Tom CandiottiAs a former major league baseball pitcher, member of the International Bowling Museum’s Hall of Fame and avid golfer, Tom Candiotti may be many things…but someone suffering from knee pain is no longer one of them... Read More




Get Back in Gear

John Iorillo

John IorilloJohn and Heather enjoy their active lifestyle, exercising daily and riding up to 75 miles a week. When chronic knee pain slowed John to a stop, he turned to the orthopedic experts at Scottsdale Healthcare. When John was seventeen years old,... Read More




Back in the Race

Steve Martin

Steve MartinSeptember 24, 2008 was a day that changed Steve Martin’s life forever. A military policeman and Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer, Steve was in Afghanistan on a work assignment when the unthinkable happened – the Humvee he was riding in was ambushed and hit by an improvised explosive device. He was thrown from the vehicle, but has no memory of the event or what happened.... Read More



Get Back on the Field

Nick Lowery

Nick LoweryIf you ask former National Football League (NFL) player Nick Lowery to get on the football field and kick a field goal for old time’s sake, he’ll jump at the chance. Known as “Nick the Kick,” Lowery is the former placekicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets. He also lays claim to having the most field goals in NFL history... Read More



Get Back in the Swing of Things

Betsy King

Betsy King LPGA Hall of Fame legend Betsy King is no stranger to working hard to get what you want. It took her almost seven seasons to win on the LPGA Tour, but once she did, her breakthrough led to one of the most phenomenal careers in women's golf history. In an 11-year span from the 1984 Women's Kemper Open through... Read More



Still Putting His Best Foot Forward

Michael Gaspar

The moment he felt the snap, Phoenix police officer Michael Gaspar knew his ankle was broken. What he didn’t initially know was this: It wasn’t a simple break. But thanks to a Scottsdale Healthcare orthopedic expert, he wouldn’t have to give up being an avid runner... Read More




Holly Hansen

Holly HansenPhysical fitness has always been a major part of Holly Hansen’s life. A resident of Billings, Montana, she spent a lot of time on the ski slopes and from the time she was in her twenties, she began working as an instructor for virtually every exercise class imaginable. But while Holly was busy improving the physical capabilities of others through her fitness classes, her own physical health was deteriorating... Read More


Walking Tall(er)

Adrienne Frazer

As a respected chiropractor in Scottsdale, Ariz., Dr. Adrienne Frazer has dedicated her life to helping and healing her patients. Following a series of automobile accidents over the years, she finally decided to address her own pain and have double hip replacement surgery... Read More



The Route to No Pain

Tim Cooper

Persistent and increasing knee pain was making it difficult for Fed Ex Express delivery driver Tim Cooper to do his job. After trying everything from naturopathic medicine to repeated injections, he finally turned to Scottsdale Healthcare and orthopedic surgeon Stefan Tarlow, MD for help Tim is certainly glad he did, too. “Now I can do my job without pain,” he says... Read More



Back in the Pool

Amanda Armijo 

Amanda ArmijoThere was still snow on the ground on June 10, 2001 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado when Amanda Armijo and her husband mounted their horses for a familiar ride. Amanda’s black and white painted horse, Matisse, stumbled in the deep snow and fell down a slope, pinning her between a tree and his massive 1,500 pound body. She knew she wasn’t paralyzed, but she couldn’t move... Read More


Back to Saving Lives

Mark Burks 

Mark BurksAs a Phoenix firefighter, Mark Burks couldn’t have a more demanding job. Coupled with his active, high-energy lifestyle, he always was on the move. That was until 2005, when his life changed following an accident at his home... Read More



Pain Free After All These Years 

Rich Passarelli

Rich PassarelliRich Passarelli had surgery on a torn meniscus in his right knee more than 40 years ago. The procedure left a gap which eventually caused bone-on-bone grinding in his knee. The end result was severe arthritis and chronic pain. Today, at age 66, Rich has a brand new, titanium knee and is finally pain free... Read More



Pain Takes a Hike Thanks to Adventurer's New Hips 

Charles Irion

Charles IrionA former cross-country runner, motorcycle rider, hiker, skydiver, climber and all-around devotee to living life with gusto, Charles experienced severe hip degeneration early in life. Thinking he was far too young for hip replacement, he lived with the pain of his hip bones rubbing against each other due to the deterioration of their cushioning cartilage. For years, he limped and constantly shifted his weight to relieve the discomfort that frequently woke him at night... Read More