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Comprehensive Spine Care 

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Whether you have a recent injury, unresolved pain or simply want a second opinion, Scottsdale Healthcare will provide you with the highest quality of spine and orthopedic care possible. We offer both surgical and non-operative spine treatment options for a full range of spinal conditions. Our physicians are dedicated to staying on the forefront of the latest minimally invasive spine and orthopedic techniques. In fact, many of them travel the country teaching other orthopedic surgeons these innovative procedures.

We treat common spinal disorders and more complex adult scoliosis and traumatic spine injuries, and offer the latest techniques and procedures in the treatment of spine disorders, including minimally invasive surgery and artificial disc replacement.

The benefits of minimally invasively spine surgery include smaller incisions, less scarring of muscle and nerves, shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times. Scottsdale Healthcare is one of only three hospitals in Arizona to offer minimally invasive spine surgery using the O-arm® Multi-dimensional Surgical Imaging System. The arm enables surgeons to view the anatomy of a patient’s spine during surgery and precisely track the location of their surgical instruments throughout the entire procedure. By generating a 3D image of the patient’s anatomy, it “sees” the surgeon’s instruments and superimposes them onto the scanned images, which the surgeon can refer to during the entire operation.

Dr Pitt Spine ImageBecause it enables surgeons to better visualize the spine and surrounding tissues, he or she can work through a small incision and avoid cutting muscle or damaging delicate nerves. The O-arm is used for a variety of minimally invasive spinal procedures, including spinal fusions and the treatment of spinal fractures and deformities such as scoliosis.

So whether you need treatment of immediate, chronic, or work-related injuries, the spine specialists at Scottsdale Healthcare can help you complete the journey back to good health.

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