Certified Primary Stroke Center

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation 

Recovery and rehabilitation depend on the area of the brain involved and the amount of tissue damaged. Harm to the right side of the brain may affect movement and sensation on the left side of the body. Damage to brain tissue on the left side may affect movement on the right side. This damage also may cause speech and language disorders. In addition, people who've had a stroke may have problems with breathing, swallowing, balancing and hearing, and loss of vision and bladder or bowel function. 

Every person's stroke recovery is different. Depending on what complications you might have, the team of people to help you in your recovery could include: 

  • Rehabilitation doctor (physiatrist) 
  • Nurse 
  • Dietitian 
  • Physical therapist 
  • Occupational therapist 
  • Recreational therapist 
  • Speech therapist
  • Social worker 
  • Psychologist or psychiatrist 
  • Chaplain 

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help you recover as much of your independence and functioning as possible. Much of stroke rehabilitation involves relearning skills you may have lost, such as walking or communicating. 

Contact our Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Services for more details.

Stroke Support Groups 

Scottsdale Healthcare Outpatient Therapy services offers a monthly support group for stroke survivors, caregivers, family members and friends. This is an opportunity to discuss the impact of a stroke upon your life and the lives of your loved ones. 

The support group meets the first Wednesday of every month from 5:45-7 p.m. at the Outpatient Therapy Services Clinic located at 3134 N. Civic Center Plaza, 85251. Click here for door-to-door directions


For more information please contact stroke support group coordinator Daphne Phillips at 480-882-6825.