Comprehensive Neurological Rehabilitation


At Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center, we offer the most current treatments for motor, visual and cognitive retraining.

Technologies available include: 


A spring-loaded splint device to help increase active control of grasp and release in individuals who are hemiplegic. 

Bioness H200® 

Electrical stimulation built into a splint to help recover or compensate for loss of hand function. 

Bioness L300® 

Electrical stimulation built into a foot drop system designed to provide mild stimulation to lift your foot to help you walk more safely and easily. 

Hand Mentor® 

Biofeedback device with pneumatic muscle designed to help recover control of non-functioning or spastic wrist and hand. 

Body Weight Supported Gait Training 

The standard in retraining gait after stroke or brain injury; a device that helps unload weight to improve walking. 

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) 

Electrical stimulation devices used to re-activate muscles/nerve pathways after a stroke or brain injury; may be used in conjunction with activities such as walking, or shoulder use. 


Light-up board to retrain reaction speed, visual scanning and other skills needed to return to driving. 

Driver’s Health Inventory® 

In-clinic screening of skills related to driving in disabled or older adults; can provide patient, family and physicians with valuable information to make decisions on return to driving abilities. 

Augmentative Communication Screening 

Ability to test patients and participate in training them to use computer devices to substitute for speaking. 

Modified Barium Swallow test/FEES 

Tools used by speech pathologists to accurately determine the cause of swallowing issues and strategies, which can treat these issues. 

Vital Stim® 

Electrical stimulation designed to help retrain swallowing. 

Parrot Software® 

Computer software that helps retrain thinking and speech skills For more information about Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center’s Neurological Rehabilitation Services call 480-882-6820.