Minimally Invasive Surgery - Less is More

Head & Neck Surgery

 Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon Kurt Heiland , MD  on staff at Scottsdale Healthcare offers a robotic assisted minimally invasive approach  for surgeries of the head and neck.

daVinci Transoral Robotic Surgery

Transoral ( through the mouth) robotic surgery and is often used for certain types of throat and larynx cancer.  This minimally invasive procedure is focused on the removing of cancers of the tonsils, tongue base, pharynx and larynx using the da Vinci robot. Allowing a surgeon to operate through your mouth avoids a large incision through the jaw and throat.

Not all patients with cancers of this type are candidates. Transoral robotic surgery is only offered if it has the potential to reduce side effects of treatment compared with other non-surgical treatment options.  This type of surgery produces no external scars but is often combined with removal of lymph nodes from the neck, which would leave a single scar on the neck. Every effort is made to minimize the visibility of this scar. The benefits of this approach however are clinically supported by shorter recovery times compared to traditional open procedures, minimal scarring and the ability to return to daily activities sooner.
The type of treatment your doctor recommends will depend largely on the size,stage and location of your cancer. Please discuss the option of transoral robotic surgery with an experience head and neck surgeon.

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