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Prenatal Education

Scottsdale Healthcare Prenatal Education Classes 

Scottsdale Healthcare offers a variety of prenatal and parenting classes.

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Growing Your Baby (2.5 hours)
Begin your journey through pregnancy in this second trimester 12-24 week class. Learn how pregnancy affects a woman’s body as her baby continues to develop inside, and understand warning signs of pre-term labor. Information about nutrition and healthy life choices will be provided to help guide expectant parents through an enjoyable and safe pregnancy. 

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Sneak Peek (3.5 hours) 
This newborn care class will give expectant parents a peek at the reality of life with a newborn. Learn about the joys and challenges of early parenting and resources to help you cope. This class will teach you the basics of baby care including diapering, bathing, and calming a fussy baby. Expectant grandparents would also enjoy this class. 

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Online Childbirth Education  
The Gift of Motherhood eLearning Childbirth Education Program is an alternative for those who cannot attend a conventional prepared childbirth class due to bed rest, scheduling conflicts or time constraints. The program is an interactive, Web-based program that includes animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs, and games. It can be previewed on a PC or Mac. High speed internet is advised but dial-up will work; it will take longer to download. The cost of the program is $80. Once you pay for the program, a code will be emailed to you. It will be valid for 30 days starting from the time you first log on. REGISTER HERE

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Birth Basics & Breathing (Three, 3 hour classes)
This third trimester, three-part class helps expectant parents learn about the miracle of birth. Topics include signs and stages of labor, hospital procedures and medical interventions, cesarean birth, partner’s supportive role in labor, physical recovery and self-care. Time will be spent discussing comfort techniques for labor and birth as well as practicing breathing and relaxation techniques. 

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Sibling Preparation (ages 3 to 10, 1.5 hours) 

Sibling PreparationThis class is designed to help siblings prepare for the new baby. It includes a workbook films and discussions about the care and handling of a new baby. A highlight of the class is dressing in hospital scrubs and seeing a new baby (health restrictions may apply). The level of participation can affect the length of class.

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Intensive Birth Basics (One day, two 3-hour classes) 
This third-trimester class offers expectant parents with time constraints an abbreviated adventure into the miracle of labor and childbirth. Material covered includes all components of parts one and two of Birth Basics but does not include breathing, relaxation and comfort techniques. Those interested in the aforementioned skills, are encouraged to enroll in our Intensive Breathing & Relaxation class.

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Intensive Breathing & Relaxation (2.5 hours) 
Designed to compliment the Intensive Birth Basics course, expectant women and partners will learn and practice comfort, relaxation and breathing techniques. Time also will be spent discovering and developing massage and visualization skills to assist the laboring woman. 

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Preparing for Cesarean Section (2.5 hours) 
Designed for expectant parents that are anticipating a scheduled cesarean section, this class will provide step by step information on the process of cesarean delivery. The class will include reasons for cesarean section, expectations and necessary procedures before, during and after surgery. 

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Breastfeeding (3.5 hours) 
Taught by a Lactation Educator, this class will give expectant mothers important information to prepare for successful breastfeeding. Topics covered include the physiology of breastfeeding, positions, latching on, pumping and returning to work as well as tips to help avoid possible nursing problems. Time will be spent learning and practicing positioning. Partners are encouraged to attend.

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Boot Camp for New Dads (3 hours) 

Daddy Boot CampDesigned for expectant fathers, this class will help men explore their unique roles as dads. Discussion includes such topics as the changing relationship between fathers and mothers, conflicting emotions, and how to support the mother through pregnancy, labor, post-partum and breastfeeding. Learn about the basics of fathering and discover ways to promote bonding with your new infant.

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Infant CPR (approximately 2 hours) 
This informative class covers basic life support and foreign body airway obstruction of the infant. The professional teaching this class is a certified CPR instructor as outlined by the American Heart Association. A course completion card will not be issued for this class. The level of participation can also affect the length of this class. 

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Infant Massage Instruction (Two, 1 hour classes)

Parent Infant Massage Taught by a licensed massage therapist, this class is for parents and babies 1-12 months old. Parents will learn how to comfort the baby, massage strokes that promote parasympathetic nervous system functioning and how to relieve gas and the symptoms of colic. Participation benefits include helping the baby sleep better, contribute to development, improve communication and deepens bonding experience.

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Moms on the Move 

M.O.M. meets weekly to provide social interaction, support and practical information for new mothers. Come with your baby and meet other new moms as you learn from their experiences, share your adventures and gather helpful information to assist you in parenting your baby. 

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Depression Support Group (2 hours) 
Many women experience mild mood changes during or after the birth of a child. Symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders can appear any time during pregnancy and the first 12 months after childbirth. This support group helps mothers who are pregnant or postpartum and are experiencing depression or anxiety. The group is facilitated by a licensed psychologist. The group meets on the first Friday of the month in the Brady Conference Center at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center. The center is located in the main hospital building on the ground floor.

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