A Special Place for One of Life's Most Significant Events

Our Birthing Center Philosophy

At Scottsdale Healthcare's Birthing Center we have a consistent philosophy that guides our maternity and prenatal care.

This is a time for new beginnings for your family, we believe that:

  • Birth is one of life’s most wondrous events 
  • When parents acquire knowledge, the birthing process and initiation into parenthood takes place with greater ease, comfort, and joy 
  • Parenthood is a private path that is enhanced with quality partnerships between parents, family members, and healthcare providers 
  • Parents have choices and require information and support for optimal decision-making 
  • Family members, visitors, physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff are treated with dignity and respect 
  • The health and well-being of each child and his / her parent, from pre-natal care through the first years of baby’s life, is the priority of every caregiver and support staff member

To schedule a prenatal tour of our maternity hospital, please call 480-882-4636 or register on-line.