We are Committed to Providing Each Patient with Individual Attention and Timely Service

Infusion & Treatment Services
at Scottsdale Healthcare 

We are conveniently  located in the 3501 N Scottsdale Rd office building Suite # 136. There is parking in the garage adjacent. 

Appointments are scheduled once physician orders have been received.

Infusion Services include but are not limited to:

Blood transfusions, Antibiotics, Remicade, IVIG, Boniva, Reclast, Iron, Procrit, Neupogen,Tysabri, Hydration, Wound care and dressing changes. We also do lab draws from central lines such as Picc line or Port. 

Check with your physician regarding need for fasting for labs. Weekly Picc dressing change and monthly port care is available. There is no need to fast for IV therapy. Continue your medications at home and bring those you will need for the day with you. This includes diabetic testing supplies and insulin. 

If you will need to eat during your infusion/treatment please feel free to bring a sack lunch. We do not have food available.  However, we do have refrigerator and microwave available and complimentary beverages. 

Hours of Operation:

Mondays through Friday 0600 – 1830

Saturday, Sundays and Holidays (limited services available) 0600 – 1430

For more information call 480-882-4150 or Fax 480-882-4579