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Expert Care gives Fighter an Edge

Michael Glennie

Cory SchoonoverPhoenix firefighter Mike Glennie began walking to and from work to boost his cardio conditioning regiment. He had just received a clean bill of health after a routine physical, felt great and was happy that his workouts were producing results.

Then something went wrong. On May 28, 2010, Mike did not make it home.

Without any warning, he suffered a massive heart attack and dropped to the ground. With the help of a good samaritan and emergency first responders, Mike was defibrillated on site and taken to a nearby hospital in a coma and carcinogenic shock. He then was air lifted to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center.

The 55-year-old had to be resuscitated three times before a pulse was found. Surgery was the only option for his survival.

Hypothermia treatment protocol began in the intensive care unit, cooling his body so Mike would be stable for open heart surgery. Next, an angiogram was performed and displayed several blockages. Two days passed while Mike’s family, friends and firefighting colleagues waited by his side. There seemed to be little hope.

On May 30, Scottsdale Healthcare cardiovascular surgeon Michael Caskey, MD performed a successful five-bypass surgery. Mike woke shortly after surgery completely mentally intact, progressed well and went home 12 days later.

“They tell me I should not have lived,” he says. “The nurses all told me that I was a fighter, although I don’t remember most of it.”

Today, experts can’t find anything wrong with his heart and Mike is ready to return to doing what he loves?”driving big red.” He’ll also celebrate 35 years of marriage to his “wonderful” wife.

“The team at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center was incredible. We are so grateful to all who treated me. My wife, extended family and I were always treated with the upmost respect, compassionate care along with smiles of encouragement,” says Mike.

“I’m living my life. It’s not going to live me,” he adds.

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