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Time Was On My Side

William Ruser

William RusserA birthday wish came early for Bill Ruser, an 84-year-old Scottsdale resident. For the past few years, Bill, like some 300,000 other patients in the United States, suffered from aortic valve stenosis – a narrowing of the aortic valve which impairs the heart’s ability to pump blood. However, Bill was one of the lucky ones. In December 2011, he was...Read More



Remaining Positive Was My Best Medicine

Virginia “Ginny” Quaal

Virginia “Ginny” QuallIt had been 30 years since Virginia “Ginny” Quaal had been treated for Hodgkin’s disease and she planned to celebrate in 2011. Instead she faced—and overcame--new health challenges with the help of Scottsdale Healthcare. Always a health conscious and active individual, Ginny was surprised to find herself...Read More



A Complicated Medical History. A Minimally-Invasive Solution.

Mary Lou Green

Mary Lou GreenAn active real estate agent and community charity volunteer, 72-year-old Mary Lou Green is not one to let her vast medical history slow her down. Managing multiple autoimmune disorders for many years—including Hashimoto’s, Sjögren's and fibromyalgia, in addition to osteoporosis...Read More, Watch Video



Yoga, Snowboarding, Trapeze School and Open Heart Surgery

Tracy Cruickshank

Tracy CruickshankBorn with a heart murmur, Tracy Cruickshank began seeing a cardiologist when she was just six months old. Because she was asymptomatic, Tracy lived a very active lifestyle that included cycling, snowboarding and power yoga. At 40 years old, she felt great and believed she didn’t have to worry about her heart...Read More, Watch Video



Putting Her Health First In Order to Take Care of Others

Debbie Webster

Debbie WebsterAs a junior high school teacher and active single mom, Debbie Webster knew how important her health was to those that depended on her. Likewise, she took the initiative to schedule routine check-ups with her primary care physician. It was through one of these routine checkups that it was discovered that...Read More, Watch Video



From Total Disbelief to a Remarkable Recovery

Mitch Slater

Mitch SlaterMitch Slater knew something wasn’t right when his left side went completely numb and he broke into a profuse sweat one Sunday afternoon while watching football on TV. After all, he had always been physically active and in good health. In fact, he and his wife Ann were regulars at a spinning class...Read More, Watch Video



Expert Care gives Fighter an Edge

Michael Glennie

Cory SchoonoverPhoenix firefighter Mike Glennie began walking to and from work to boost his cardio conditioning regiment. He had just received a clean bill of health after a routine physical, felt great and was happy that his workouts were producing results. Then something went wrong. On May 28, 2010, Mike did not make it home. ...Read More, Watch Video



The Heart of a Teacher

Karen Graf

Tackling a tumor the minimally invasive way Ahwatukee resident Karen Graf didn’t want heart surgery to keep her from her passions—raising her children and teaching the students in her class. With minimally invasive surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, Karen received the excellent care and expedient treatment she desired. Motivated by a strong family history of heart disease, Karen decided to have a health checkup. That turned out to be a smart move on the 49-year-old’s part as it ultimately led to the discovery of a tumor on her heart’s mitral valve. ...Read More


Feeling on Top of the World

Bill Schmidt

Six months prior to having extensive open heart surgery, Bill Schmidt took his grandchildren to an indoor rock climbing facility. He decided then and there that he would return after heart surgery to climb the wall. And he did. The 61-year-old scaled ...Read More



Setting Her Own Pace 

Felicia Windsor

Felicia WindsorIt took a move to Arizona and a job at Scottsdale Healthcare, but for Felicia Windsor, the young Scottsdale woman was at the right place at the right time for the medical attention she needed. ...Read More




Tennis Star Gets Her Active Life Back

Vicki Berner

Heart_Vascular_Vicki_BernerPain caused by a blocked artery in her left leg forced Fountain Hills resident Vicki Berner to give up the Jazzercise class she enjoyed three or four times a week. ...Read More




Prevention is the Best Medicine 

Dan Klingenberg

Dan KlinggenbergDan Klingenberg was saved by good timing. In this case, it was quick timing, but it also occurred at the right time. ...Read More





Surgery Mends Broken Heart

Cory Schoonover

Cory SchoonoverCory Schoonover loves to play football. The 20-year-old Gilbert resident is a wide receiver for the Tempe Predators. When he’s not on the field, Cory works at his family’s business, FNF Construction. ...Read More