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Heart Rhythm Center at Scottsdale Healthcare 

Does Your Heart Skip a Beat? 

The electrophysiology experts at our Heart Rhythm Center are experienced in diagnosing arrhythmias and providing effective treatments. This can range from prescribing medications to implanting pacemakers or other electronic devices.

Additional options include lead extractions from implantable cardiac devices due to damage of the lead, scarring at the tip of the lead, infection at the site of the device or lead, or blockage of the vein by a clot or scar tissue.

Our Heart Rhythm Center also is involved in clinical trials for a variety of arrhythmia conditions, helping to pave the way for even better treatments tomorrow. Scottsdale Healthcare was the first hospital to open a dedicated electrophysiology (EP) lab in the Valley. Today, our dedicated EP rooms are equipped with the latest technology for 3D mapping to perform complex ablations with less flouroscopy (radiation) time for atrial fibrillation, flutter and ventricular tachycardia.

“Over the past year or so, I’ve been able to reduce fluoroscopy times and dosage for atrial fibrillation ablations by 90 percent compared to my previous cases. For non-atrial fibrillation ablations, I’ve been able to reduce fluoro times by 94 percent,” says Renzo Cataldo, MD. “Reducing this fluoro time is a huge benefit for patients who may have already received large doses of radiation for cancer therapy or previous lengthy procedures.”

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