We Take Your Health to Heart

Our Clinical Trial Team

Our investigators seek studies that will bring the latest and best practices to Heart Clinical Trials. 

All cardiologists at Scottsdale Healthcare are given the opportunity to be a part of our clinical trial endeavors.


Physicians Participating in Clinical Trials

Berkley Benneson, MD
Michael Caskey, MD
Lawrence Cook, MD
Ramy Doss, MD
Judy Finney, MD
Nassim Haddad, MD
Nick Iyengar, MD
Joseph Klag, MD
Kevin Klassen, MD
Michael Maher, MD
Bradley Oswood, MD
George Paik, MD
Allan Reinfeld, MD
Christina Reuss, MD
Robert Riley, MD
David Rizik, MD
Maulik Shah, MD
Frederick Simonie, MD
Karen Stark, MD
Daniel Storch, MD
Allen Tenaglia, MD
Andy Tran, MD
Krishnaswami Vijayaraghavan, MD
Bernard Villegas, MD

Nurses Participating in Clinical Trials

Donna Duerr, BS, RN
Deandra O’Connor, BSN, RN
Joanne Saczynski, MSN, RN