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Nahid Tanara


Nahid TanaraFountain Hills resident, Nahid Tanara, received unexpected health news of a heart murmur during her pre-operative foot surgery appointment. The physician advised her to undergo a stress test soon after her surgery. Since Nahid was over the age of 50, the test took place over the course of a week. On the last day of her testing, the results revealed she had a leaky heart valve.

“I was worried, scared and couldn’t believe I had a problem with my heart,” said Nahid. “After I left the doctor's office and heard the scary news, I sat in my car and started crying. Since it was the day before my daughter's birthday, I decided to wait and tell my family since I did not want to spoil her day. However, within a short period of time, I began to experience symptoms including waking up one night to shortness of breath. It was time to see heart surgeon, Dr. Robert Riley.”

On Nahid’s first appointment, Dr. Riley explained the specific location of the leaky valve and the minimally invasive procedure. “He patiently answered all my questions making my decision to have surgery an easy one,” said Nahid. Dr. Riley is knowledgeable, understanding, patient, a great listener and I owe my life to him. Thank you, Scottsdale Healthcare and Dr. Riley for being there for us,” added a smiling Nahid.

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