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Mousa Alebrahim


Mousa AlebrahimMousa Alebrahim knew the chest discomfort he was having was not normal immediately after arriving in the United States from Syria. Mousa came to Arizona for a holiday visit with his son when he began to have severe chest discomfort.

Since chest pain had been a problem the past, Mousa thought he had taken the right precaution undergoing a stress test prior to travel. “Having the stress test come back with negative results gave me the assurance to travel to the United States,” said Mousa. But the chest pain did not go away.

In fact, the pain was now coupled with dizziness and lightheadedness. Mousa later was diagnosed with a severe aortic valve stenosis and cardiac ischemia. Immediately following the diagnosis, I was admitted into the hospital and prepared for heart surgery with Scottsdale Healthcare cardiac surgeon, Kenneth Ashton, M.D.

While this was an understandably frightening time for Mousa and his son, they were comforted knowing that he was being cared for by an expert surgeon and other medical staff.

Today, Mousa does everything he did prior to his surgery. He enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle with virtually no activity restrictions. He and his family are grateful to Dr. Ashton and the rest of his medical team for doing such an amazing job!

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