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2014 ‘Galleria of Fine Hearts’
Celebrates Gift of Life

Staff members and physicians came together at the sixth annual ‘Galleria of Fine Hearts’ on February 6, 2014. Former patients along with approximately 100 family members attended the event, celebrating the gift of life they received after heart surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare.

Scottsdale Healthcare believes that in order to provide world-class personalized healthcare, it is important to follow up with our former patients long after they have been discharged, therefore; we provide our cardiac surgery patients and families the opportunity to reunite with our entire cardiac healthcare team.

Scottsdale Healthcare would like to honor our patients and their families for trusting us with their cardiac surgery experience. 

The Story of Four Fine Hearts 

Mousa Alebrahim

Mousa AlebrahimMousa Alebrahim knew the chest discomfort he was having was not normal immediately after arriving in the United States from Syria. Mousa came to Arizona for a holiday visit with his son when he began to have severe chest discomfort. Since chest pain had been a problem in the past, Mousa...Read More, Watch Video


Nahid Tanara

Nahid TanaraFountain Hills resident, Nahid Tanara, received unexpected health news of a heart murmur during her pre-operative foot surgery appointment. The physician advised her to undergo a stress test soon after her surgery. Since Nahid was over the age of 50, the test took place over the course of...Read More, Watch Video


Aryana Naghipour

Aryana NaghipourIt was a typical hot August day in Phoenix when 21 year-old, Aryana, decided to go for a swim. Just like a million times before, she held her breath and swam the length of the pool. But this time was very different. Emerging from the other side of the pool, she found herself...Read More, Watch Video


Kelly Hughes

Kelly HughesAt age 26, Kelly was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse. At the time, she was told she may have to have heart surgery to repair or replace the valve at some point in her life. She didn’t really have any symptoms so she continued to visit a cardiologist annually. In 2008, Kelly was working four jobs and going to school full time to prepare for...Read More, Watch Video