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Debbie Webster


 Debbie WebsterAs a junior high school teacher and active single mom, Debbie Webster knew how important her health was to those that depended on her. Likewise, she took the initiative to schedule routine check-ups with her primary care physician. It was through one of these routine checkups that it was discovered that Debbie had a heart murmur.

Kenneth Ashton, MDReferred by her primary care physician to a cardiologist to monitor the heart murmur, within a short period of time Debbie began to experience symptoms. Experiencing shortness of breath and lack of energy that became progressively worse, Debbie knew something needed to be done. By the time Debbie met with Scottsdale Healthcare cardiothoracic surgeon Kenneth Ashton, MD she was barely able to make it to the mail box and back without experiencing severe shortness of breath.

“I came to the realization that, wow, there is something that really needs to be done – that I really need to take care of this,” said Debbie.

The procedure performed is known as a septal myectomy which involves coring muscle tissue out of an obstruction in the heart.

“Debbie’s condition is considered a rare entity. This is something that we can treat medically often times in the early stages but when it progresses to the amount of obstruction that Debbie was experiencing, then surgery provides a significant improvement in lifestyle and longevity,” said Dr. Ashton.

“I thought about going out of state to have the procedure done. But, after meeting Dr. Ashton, I knew in my heart that I needed to be at Scottsdale Healthcare. It’s traumatic – this is something you think you will never have to go thru and you find yourself asking why me? You’re scared and you’re not sure and you’re putting your life in someone else’s hands. But I trusted my doctors - they knew what needed to be done,” recalled Debbie.

“Dr. Ashton came in and checked on me that evening after the surgery was done. I thought wow – he was in surgery with me all morning and yet he’s still here. That’s personal care – that’s a nice touch because you don’t know what to expect on the other end yet he’s still here,” said Debbie.

Debbie now has her life back with own children as well students.

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