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2012 ‘Galleria of Fine Hearts’
Celebrates Gift of Life

Staff members and physicians came together at the fifth annual ‘Galleria of Fine Hearts’ on February 9, 2012. Former patients along with approximately 100 family members attended the event, celebrating the gift of life they received after heart surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare.

Scottsdale Healthcare believes that in order to provide world-class personalized healthcare, it is important to follow up with our former patients long after they have been discharged, therefore; we provide our cardiac surgery patients and families the opportunity to reunite with our entire cardiac healthcare team.

Scottsdale Healthcare would like to honor our patients and their families for trusting us with their cardiac surgery experience. 

The Story of Four Fine Hearts 

A Complicated Medical History. A Minimally-Invasive Solution.

Mary Lou Green

Mary Lou GreenAn active real estate agent and community charity volunteer, 72-year-old Mary Lou Green is not one to let her vast medical history slow her down. Managing multiple autoimmune disorders for many years—including Hashimoto’s, Sjögren's and fibromyalgia, in addition to osteoporosis...Read More, Watch Video



Yoga, Snowboarding, Trapeze School and Open Heart Surgery

Tracy Cruickshank

Tracy CruickshankBorn with a heart murmur, Tracy Cruickshank began seeing a cardiologist when she was just six months old. Because she was asymptomatic, Tracy lived a very active lifestyle that included cycling, snowboarding and power yoga. At 40 years old, she felt great and believed she didn’t have to worry about her heart...Read More, Watch Video



Putting Her Health First In Order to Take Care of Others

Debbie Webster

Debbie WebsterAs a junior high school teacher and active single mom, Debbie Webster knew how important her health was to those that depended on her. Likewise, she took the initiative to schedule routine check-ups with her primary care physician. It was through one of these routine checkups that it was discovered that...Read More, Watch Video



From Total Disbelief to a Remarkable Recovery

Mitch Slater

Mitch SlaterMitch Slater knew something wasn’t right when his left side went completely numb and he broke into a profuse sweat one Sunday afternoon while watching football on TV. After all, he had always been physically active and in good health. In fact, he and his wife Ann were regulars at a spinning class...Read More, Watch Video




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