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Substance Screening and Medical Review Officer Services 

A variety of substance screening services are available through Scottsdale Healthcare Occupational Health. Whether your needs are for a drug screen collection site or they include the need of a SAMHSA-certified laboratory, Scottsdale Healthcare Occupational Health offers your best solution. 

Substance screening is performed for pre-employment, random drug testing, for-cause testing, and post-accident or follow-up situations. Urine drug screens and evidential breath testing provide employers with the tools to implement a drug-free work place. Policy development, review and revision are also provided upon request. 

We provide comprehensive substance screening services that meet Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements as well as non-DOT (forensic) screenings. These include urine drug screening, evidential breath testing and Medical Review Officer services. 

We provide collections for most national laboratories and can provide processing services through two SAMHSA laboratories. With collection sites available throughout the northeast valley, we are convenient to your location. For many companies, we may be the authorized collection site for your laboratory. 

Our experienced staff has been trained in workplace drug collection procedures as outlined and mandated by the federal government. Our breath alcohol technicians are certified using DOT criteria guidelines. We offer certified Medical Review Officer services that will provide integrity to your drug-free workplace. 

If you are looking for comprehensive services for a drug-free workplace, your solution is with Scottsdale Healthcare Occupational Health program. 

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