We Can Protect Your Company’s Most Important Assets — Your Employees

Consulting, Training and
Safety Services 

Through Scottsdale Healthcare’s extensive network of professional consultants, we are able to provide you with solutions to most of your health and safety needs. 

If you are looking for ergonomic solutions to minimize your employee’s exposure to repetitive motion injuries or a structured return-to-work program, we have the experienced professionals to help you. 

If you need on-site training programs such as lifting techniques using appropriate body mechanics or CPR/first aid training, we can provide or coordinate most of your training needs. Safety program assessment, development, training and implementation are popular services that will either complement your current program or help you develop the program that best fits your needs. 

Whatever level of assistance you need, we can customize a solution for you. 

Contact Corporate Health 
Learn how Scottsdale Healthcare can improve the health and well-being of your staff members by scheduling an appointment with our Corporate Health Services Coordinator. 

Gail Lara, Corporate Health Coordinator
Corporate Health Services