Caring for Our Community Through Prevention, Outreach and Education

Community Health

Scottsdale Healthcare partners with community members and local businesses, working together to create a healthier Northeast Valley. 

Through its Community Health Services department, Scottsdale Healthcare provides health fair displays, preventive screenings, health education programs, immunizations and a variety of other services. Evidence-based programming focuses on areas proven through research to improve longevity and quality of life. 

Our reach extends throughout the Northeast Valley. Our partnerships build strong links with schools, churches, service organizations, neighborhoods and other groups, all with one goal in mind … improving the health of our community. 

In support of the national spotlight on public health issues, Community Health Services has identified key health issues for the community and is focusing efforts on health prevention and outreach through education and support programs. The department provides programs that encourage healthy lifestyles.

For more information, call Community Health Services at 480-882-4317.