Caring for Our Community Through Prevention, Outreach and Education

Environmental Health
2013 Community Health Services Report

Scottsdale Healthcare is committed to the health of our planet. This is evidenced in the amount of solid waste we “divert” or prevent from ending up in a landfill. Sustainability achievements include:

  • Shredding confidential documents on-site: 109.33 tons of paper were shredded, bundled and sold to an outside firm for recycling during fiscal year 2013.
  • Recycling 248 tons of paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, medical sharps and computer parts.
  • Keeping 10,345 pounds of waste out of landfills by remanufacturing certain medical devices.
  • Using LED lighting, saving 20 percent over the energy used by standard light fixtures.
  • Eliminating deep fat fryers in the cafeterias, resulting in 8,000 gallons of cooking oil not being consumed.

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