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Community Benefit and Corporate Citizenship at Scottsdale Healthcare 

The Community Benefit Program supports Scottsdale Healthcare’s Vision, Values, Purpose and Core Initiatives by: 

  • Enhanced clinical outcomes for our underserved populations and creation of access to care that previously was not easily attainable.
  • Maintaining tools and resources to ensure talented staff members can provide services to our vulnerable populations.
  • Connecting with qualified, competent physicians willing to participate in community building processes and provide charitable care to those less fortunate.
  • Assessing the community’s needs and developing our Community Benefit Programs to meet those needs.
  • Investing our dollars back into the community as a demonstration of our commitment to the community.
  • Documenting our community activities in an annual report.
  • Evaluating the healthcare needs of vulnerable populations to meet community’s needs with programs and associated activities.
  • Supporting community outreach and community education related to specific clinical service lines and integration of activities for ALL living and working in our service area.
  • Increasing access and availability to health promotion and disease prevention activities by building relationships within our greater service area.