SAVI® Breast Brachytherapy

After the success of the multiple catheter brachytherapy technique, single entry devices were developed that can easily be placed by surgeons and radiation oncologists after a patient’s lumpectomy through a small incision in the skin.

We are pleased to offer the SAVI Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation, an advanced brachytherapy treatment for certain breast cancer patients following the removal of a tumor through lumpectomy. This treatment option can provide important breast conservation advantages for women with early-stage breast cancer.

It is a single entry device that can be custom-fitted to the patient’s lumpectomy cavity, regardless of what shape or size it may be. This device is a bundle of soft, tiny catheters. The SAVI is inserted through a small incision, and the catheter bundle expands uniformly, however its unique design allows it to be opened in a way that truly conforms to the size and shape of the tumor cavity. The radiation dose can be individually controlled through each catheter, allowing precise targeting by our radiation oncologist.

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