Multiple Catheter Brachytherapy

To make breast brachytherapy practical for radiation oncologists everywhere, Dr. Kuske developed a technique for doing this procedure with greater ease, quality control and image-guidance. Now templates with pre-drilled holes and moderate breast compression have simplified the insertion of catheters into the correct locations around the lumpectomy cavity with CT scanner guidance every millimeter of the way.

The catheters are inserted during an easy and painless procedure using local anesthesia. The following day (sometimes this is done the same day) the patient returns for a radiation planning and dose-calculation CT scan. Using the information from this planning CT scan, our physicists carefully program the radiation treatment machine to deliver a customized treatment.

Treatments start the next day (two days after the catheter placement procedure). We treat patients Mondays-Fridays, but treatment can start on any day of the week. Patients receive ten treatments over five consecutive clinic days (treatments are given twice daily with six hour intervals between treatments). Each visit takes less than an hour. After the last treatment, the catheters are removed easily and painlessly.

The beauty of this technique is that it delivers radiation to the 2 cm (approximately 3/4 inch) of breast tissue surrounding the surgical cavity edge, with elegant precision. This technique can treat unusual cavity shapes and volumes. The physicians at ABCS have more experience with this valuable multiple-catheter technique than any center in the world!

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